Wowee! Podcast

Honest discussions for creative peeps.


Honest discussions with creative peeps.

Wowee! is a Melbourne based podcast that hopes to bring together creative communities and promote the sharing of ideas, skills and experiences in a supportive space.

In each episode, hosts Penny and Esther grab their conversation shovels and dig it deep with a variety of different local designers, artists and musicians. You'll get to know the person behind the talent - their inspirations, work process and day-to-day life, while touching on their family history, personal struggles and life philosophies. More than just a podcast, Wowee! aims to inspire, encourage and bolster creativity in all its forms.

Wowee! is recorded and produced by Jono Gilmour.

Thanks to Pappy for providing their song 'Snacks' as our intro music.



Esther and Penny relax by a fence in their 1994 catalogue shoot for Kmart.

Esther and Penny relax by a fence in their 1994 catalogue shoot for Kmart.


Esther Sandler is a textile designer based in Melbourne, Australia who combines freelance work and teaching with her own design label Togetherness Design. With a Her work spans the scope of fashion and textiles, illustration and ceramics and features rich, multilayered and colourful patterns, often with plants, animals, imagined worlds and naive and folk-inspired motifs. Along with textiles and design, Esther's other passions include gardening, collecting trinkets and watching true crime documentaries.


Penny Min Ferguson is an illustration based designer who specialises in textiles, ceramic work and fine jewellery. Currently based in Melbourne, Penny works as a freelance illustrator and runs small design label Min Pin out of her home studio in the Dandenong Ranges. Penny believes in compassionate design, quality workmanship, sustainability and fun! In her spare time, Penny enjoys watching TV, going metal detecting and giving her cat Bobo big scritches.